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7 Danger Signs in Pregnancy

During pregnancy, pregnant women may experience various changes in the body. However, does Bumil know that there are signs that indicate danger in pregnancy? So what are the signs of danger in pregnancy that need to be aware of it? Let's look at the discussion below. Changes that occur in pregnant women often cause discomfort and body aches. Pregnant women may have wondered whether this change or pain experienced is normal or not. Therefore, pregnant women should always be aware of the various symptoms and signs of pregnancy that appear. Dangerous Signs of Pregnancy Signs that appear during pregnancy may seem mild and natural for a pregnant woman. In fact, these signs can be symptoms of a serious condition that must be treated immediately. The following are some danger signs in pregnancy: 1. Bleeding from the vagina Bleeding is said to be normal if only limited to spotting. However, if the volume of blood that comes out is quite a lot and is accompanied by a lump of tissue
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Benefits of Vitamin K for Newborns

Every newborn baby needs to get vitamin K by injection. The benefits of vitamin K are to help the process of blood clotting and prevent bleeding that can occur in infants. Newborns have very little amount of vitamin K in their bodies. Even though vitamin K is needed in the process of blood clotting. That is why, babies who lack vitamin K are prone to bleeding. If not prevented, this condition can harm the baby. One of the causes of low levels of vitamin K in the body of newborn babies is the lack of good bacteria that produce vitamin K in the baby's intestine. In addition, this condition also occurs due to intake of vitamin K which is not well absorbed by the placenta when the baby is in the womb. Lack of vitamin K in the body can trigger the appearance of extensive bruising only because of minor injuries. Not only that, lack of vitamin K can also cause small wounds to continue bleeding. To meet the needs of vitamin K, newborn babies are usually given an injection of vitamin

Alternative Steps for Tooth Pain Medication at Home

Toothache can be regarded as a common disease affecting all types of ages, from mild to severe pain. If you have a mild toothache, you might be able to treat it yourself at home with a toothache medicine. Toothache is usually caused by tooth decay. The rest of the food, especially those containing sugar, is trapped between the teeth and becomes a place for bacteria to grow and develop. These bacteria then form sticky plaque that sticks to the tooth surface. Acidic substances produced by bacteria in plaque can eat away the outer layer of teeth and form cavities in teeth. Early symptoms of tooth decay include pain sensation when consuming foods or drinks that are sweet, very cold, or very hot. Generally, tooth pain can be treated with antibiotics and pain relievers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. However, in some cases, the dentist may give injections in the area around the teeth to reduce pain. This Causes Tooth Pain Besides tooth decay, toothache can be caused by a variety of t